COVID Response Team Updates

October 13, 2022

First Christian Church has been following the Johnson County Public Health recommended guidelines for when to mask.  We are thrilled to share that our community level is at “Low.”  For the first time in 2.5 years, we are not requiring that people mask during worship or in other gatherings.  However, we kindly ask that if you are experiencing symptoms (such as coughing) or have a COVID-19 exposure, please wear a mask.  Additionally, if you have a positive COVID test or other contagious illness, we ask that you remain home.  We are also mindful that some may choose to continue to wear a mask, and we encourage people to make the choices that are right for them and to respect the choices of others.

We also plan to remove the green tape from the pews which means you are welcome to sit anywhere you choose.  Meanwhile, please remember, especially as we make this shift, to be respectful of other people's preferences.  Ask before you sit next to someone and pay attention to people's desire for physical distancing.  Also remember that hand sanitizer is available in the narthex and we encourage you to use it.

As a reminder, our policy has been that when the community level is at "High" we ask everyone to mask indoors.  When the community level is at "Medium" we ask everyone to mask for worship and large indoor gatherings but allow small groups to decide whether or not to mask as they take into consideration the needs of the group.  Keep this in mind in the case that the community level increases in the future - we could reinstitute protocols.

We will continue to monitor Johnson County Public Health COVID-19 recommended guidelines for the safety of everyone and we continue to encourage people to be vaccinated and get boosters.  In the meantime, we celebrate the opportunity to see more smiles!

FCC COVID Response Team