Helen Gay Scholarship

Helen Gay Scholarship

 The Helen Gay Scholarship shall be offered once a year, in the spring for the fall semester.  Only the interest from the Helen Gay Fund shall be used.

  1. The award shall be limited to a maximum of $500 to any one applicant.
  2. An applicant needs to be a participant (student, parent or relative) of Coralville First Christian Church and pursuing higher education.
  3. Forms may be obtained from First Christian Church office or www.icdisciples.org   
  4. Applicants shall provide the following information/documents:
    1. Completed Application Form
    2. Verification of admission to a college or university
    3. Personal Resume
    4. Two letters of recommendation (i.e. church, school, community service, employment)
    5. Transcript of grades, upon completion of the study
  5. The check for the scholarship award shall be made payable to the school and include the notation “Helen Gay Scholarship Fund”.   The check will be forwarded to the student.  The student is responsible to provide acknowledgment of receipt from the school.
  6. A student may receive only one Helen Gay scholarship.

A complete file shall be kept on each approved applicant.  The file shall contain:

  1. The Application Form
  2. Verification of school or college acceptance
  3. Student’s personal resume
  4. Letters of Recommendation
  5. Transcript(s) of grades
  6. Letter of approval from scholarship committee chairman
  7. Verification from the school of receipt of the check
  8. Any additional correspondence



 All application materials must be submitted on or before May 3, 2021 to:

Helen Gay Scholarship Committee
First Christian Church
900 Lincolnshire Place
Coralville, Iowa 52241