FCC has many ongoing and shortterm groups for fellowship and education. Here are our current offerings:

Children, Youth & Family Activities

Members take turn hosting fun activities for children, youth and their families. Includes theme parties, attending sporting events, field trips, service projects, picnics, movie nights and more. Offered monthly, check the newsletter for dates.

Hannah Circle

Meets monthly, except August, December, January, and February. It is our all-purpose women’s group associated with the worldwide Christian Women’s fellowship of our denomination. Members often provide local ministry, such as support for funerals.

Women's Night Out

Meets the third Thursday of each month for fellowship and food at a local restaurant.

FCC Book Club

Meets once a month to discuss a new book each month. Discussion topics range from God, Christianity, spirituality, life, relationships, and whatever the group discerns is important.

Anna Gay and Sally Smith Annual Meteor Shower Watch

Meets one night in the August during the Perseid meteor shower for food, fellowship, music, and a chance to gaze at the stars.

Adult Education Classes

These classes usually meet weekly on Sunday mornings prior to worship (9:00 am) to discuss current events, the Bible, current books, and other topics.