Swing Yer Partna

Yesterday was our anniversary, so naturally | was thinking about my dearly beloved all day.  I called a little after midnight here on the day following our anniversary, so it was about 5:10 p.m. back home and Nancy said it counted as being on our anniversary since that's when it was received.   The name "Nancy" is derivative of the word for Grace.

We had a session on healing yesterday, and then evening worship, and then a community dance with traditonal Scottish dances and tunes.  A WOMAN ON THE STAFF AT THE ABBEY PLAYED THE PIPES FOR US.  The pipes play us into eternal life at funerals and scare the bejeepers out of the enemy when played by a Scottish regiment, and would make an excellent alarm clock.  Then we enjoyed an hour and a half of folk dances- much like a square dance or barn dance.  At morning worship we sang "Morning Has Broken" written by a man who lived on Mull- the adjoining |island, and "When the Poor Ones" quando los poubres- both in our hymnal. This morning we gathered in the cloister for  the pilgrimage- either 3-1/2 or 7 mile walk around the island.  Four days of perfect weather!