Lincolnshire Pastor

As I was getting off the train at Oban, I heard a cello playing "You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine|" and as |I was leaving the plane little girl was singing "Wimoweh- In The Jungle the Mighty Jungle the Lion Sleeps to night" a song made famous by Pete Seeger.  Music- much of it American- is everywhere.   I sat in the old runied 15th century nunnery for and hour and practiced on my travel guitar. You'll see a picture of our group learning a couple of worship songs in the ~cloister."- the courtyard of the living space for medieval monks.  At lunch today we feasted on Parsnip/coconut milk soup and home-sliced oatbread.  I sat beside a woman from Japan and a retired Anglican Pastor and his wife whose address is the same as ours- LINCOLNSHIRE.  You can see them in the picture; they are a delightful couple.  This morning and last evening we spent much time in silence and Lectio Divina- repeated reading and reflecting on the second chapter of Acts since we celebrated Pentecost Sunday yesterday.  I was remembering our rainbow-colored kites at communion yesterday.  Christian symbols are everywhere around the Abbey- on the gateposts, on the column capitols, on the floor, and carved into the wood. This 12th century celtic cross is 10-12 feet high and careved from a single piece of local stone.