Arriving in Iona

The flights from Cedar Rapids to Detroit to Amsterdam and then Glascow were easy.  From the airport I caught a bus to the train station and then took a train north to Oban, a ferry to Mull, a bus across the Isle of Mull to a ferry to Iona.  Since Iowa time is six or seven hours behind Iona time I traveled for about 26 hours and still had lots of daylight left.  The people were all very kind- I missed the bustop at Queen's Street Station because I couldn't understand through the thick Scottish accent, so the bus driver helped me find a bus back the other direction.  My luggage went a separate route; I hope it enjoys the incredible scenery as much as I have: runied castles, stone cottages, velvety green worn-out mountains filled with sheep.  Worship this morning was done with intinction but the bread and chalices were passed from person to person in the pews- Argentina, Australlia, New Zealand, Japan, China, France and others were all represented at the Lord's table.  Soon you will all be at the same Lord's table.  Photos soon.

What you see here is the Abbey on the small island of Iona where Columba landed and founded a monastery in the 6th century- parts of it from the 6th century but most of it Medieval.  This is where I (and Nancy one week) will be living and eating and woking for two weeks.

In the later blog you'll find the Congregational church in Oban, a view of the ferry to Mull, the sanctuary at the Abbey, a carved stone image of a man receiving the cup (from a stone column in the cloister area), the marble communion table in the sanctuary - all to give taste of what I've been experincing.  Is it not the same taste- the same bread, the same cup?

Peace, John