Church Basement Ladies

"The church basement ladies in the last potluck supper" with photo of four church ladies in silly poses standing over a plate of food

Nancy and I went to another “Church Basement Ladies” production in Amana and enjoyed it thoroughly. We joke about the “jello salad” and casseroles served at pot lucks, but the fellowship time after worship and the potlucks which follow worship can be an opportunity to extend the fellowship of the Lord’s Table. Every congregation needs the equivalent of the Church Basement Ladies. As an extension of the Lord’s Table, we bring more food to a pot luck than our family would eat by themselves in order to make room for strangers and those who have no facilities/abilities for food preparation. The Pot Luck table extends our home table to our church family. We understand that parents of small children and helpers for those who can no longer walk and carry food, need to be at the head of the line. We do not take three deviled eggs, or two pieces of fried chicken knowing that there are never enough to go around. Those who provide hospitality are very important servants of the Lord – whether by welcoming visitors, making the coffee, or setting the table. Hospitality is a sacred calling. On November 1, I’ll be frying up green tomatoes from Jim and Nancy Lang’s garden for everyone to taste following worship. On November 8, Dennis Arnold will provide fresh-baked kolaches for fellowship time. Join us for fellowship following worship.