A fitness watchWhat time is it?  My watch tells me what my heart rate is, how many flights of stairs I have climbed, what my level of activity has been in the past hour, how many calories I have burned, whether I had a good night’s sleep, notifies me when I have a phone call or text message and, yes, even what time it is.  I use the watch in conjunction with a cell phone app called “My Fitness Pal” to keep myself honest about my caloric intake and expenditure.  I have found that I have an almost infinite ability to rationalize eating “just one more” of almost anything we have in the house, but the technology I wear is not so easily fooled and keeps my brain more honest.  It is humbling to admit I have strayed from my diet again and humility is good for the soul. Prayer, Bible study, tracking our giving to the church and charities, taking a (Sabbath) day off are all similar disciplines that help keep me functioning in reality.  The more “real” we are, the closer we are in relationship with the core and center of reality—God. Scientific knowledge is often supplanted by new and more accurate knowledge as technology advances and our understandings of God also mature as we gain wisdom and experience.  I do not fear that science and experience will lead me away from the core reality of God’s presence and God’s love because I have the gift of faith; I trust in the God I know most fully through Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.