Disagree with Love and Respect

The Whitehouse with rainbow lighting

Dear Friends,

You probably know that I am celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision about same sex marriage. Not all Christians are celebrating. Recently, some church and political leaders spoke out publically, saying that the “Christian” or “faith” community opposes same sex marriage and should have the right to refuse to participate in same sex weddings, or even be involved in issuing same sex marriage licenses. It is important that we who claim to be inclusive still claim those Christians not celebrating the Supreme Court decision as our sisters and brothers in faith even if they sometimes seem to exclude us by claiming that theirs is the only “Christian” opinion. We are commanded by our Lord to love one another even, and perhaps especially when we disagree. Kind and generous people can still passionately disagree. Some married couples in our congregation regularly cancel out each other’s votes in civil elections by voting for opposing candidates. Some of the people I love most in the world cancel out my votes. I heard on the news that the rainbow lights lighting up the White House were supplied by an Iowa company. When the Iowa Supreme Court found same sex marriage to be constitutionally protected, I didn’t hear of anyone who objected because the Iowa civil law forced them to break what they saw as a spiritual imperative. Perhaps we Iowans have a broad spectrum of light to shed on the controversy. Same sex marriage is all about strengthening families and respecting all persons, so let us continue to love and respect one another even as we disagree.