Old and New

All in one day Nancy and I said good-bye to Granddaughter Izzy (and her parental units) and then spent an hour with Great grandma as we are still trying to say good-bye to my father. It is hard to be fully open about greeting a new arrival when we know that there will be a parting that will hurt more because of the openness of our greeting. Loving begets sorrow as well as joy. I want to reserve a part of my heart that can’t be broken when the time for good-byes comes, but of course that doesn’t happen. A new year is arriving but I don’t want to give up on the old one yet. Life is filled with hellos and good-byes but there is a quiet inner anchor in each of us where we know an unchanging God and are loved and accepted fully. God is fully vulnerable to hurt when we turn away, yet is fully invested in loving us nonetheless. We all want to live life full bore, to be fully alive, and trusting God for always being fully invested in us, helps us to have the courage to live full bore and let our hearts be broken. Christmas Day (birth) may be balanced by Good Friday (death) but both are totally blown away by Easter (resurrection). God, help us to love boldly in this New Year in response to your love that holds nothing back.