Christian Conference Center

I have been going to the Christian Conference Center since I was in high school. As we roasted marshmallows over an open fire on Saturday evening. I remembered the first campfire I attended there; a little girl with dark eyes slipped her hand into my hand and sat beside me on the log, and I was so shy I could barely look at her. There have been many other campfires there, though, under a starlit sky singing songs, praying, and calling in Barred Owls and Night Hawks to perch in trees above us and serenade us with their wild songs.



I want our youth to have their own experiences like these. I was pleased to go along on a work retreat planned by Jay Thomas and Kara Seaton for our senior high youth. Above you’ll see Anne Gregory, who will soon leave to be our missionary in Bangkok, Thailand. She grew up there with missionary parents, but most recently served the Disciples congregation at Elkhart, Iowa. In the picture, she is directing us where to store her stuff at the Conference Center because she will be gone for at least three years. If you’d like to read her story or support her mission in Thailand please got to:!global-ministrycalls-anne-gregory/cens

In the second photo above you’ll see Quinn and Jay Thomas, Alex Wheeler, and Bill and Tristan Spangler- Dunning taking a moment’s break after storing gear from the pool and the miniature golf course away for the winter. In the last picture, Jay and Alex play “carpetball” in the game room of the main lodge. I don’t expect to be around 40 years from now when Quinn, Alex, and Tristan look back and remember time spent at the Conference Center, but I expect it will have enriched their lives in some way.