Elvis Has Left The Building

This is Elvis Presley's Cadillac on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.  Elvis did a lot of his early singing in worship and some of his strongest roots were in Gospel music.  Janis Joplin learned to sing in a Disciple choir.  Nothing more enriches an experience than to be doing it in loving fellowship with an awareness of God's presence.  We'll be getting in our autos early on Saturday morning and heading back to Iowa City.  We have done some good here on behalf of our congregations and much good has been done to us, especially by the giver of all good things who has blessed us with friendships, useful work, and holy companionship.  We go home loaded up, but not with useless souvenirs.  We go home filled with the grace of God and the fullness of experiences and relationships.  Amen.