Lauree and Her New Friends

Nancy, Lauree, Melody, Ellen (long term volunteer), Morgan

For several weeks, volunteers have been working on Lauree's home and she's been adopted by Disciples Volunteers so she came to dinner with us at Donelson Christian Church this evening.  At age 73 with a 180 bowling average, she's been a gracious host and worked beside us day after day, week after week.  Now her home is nearing completion; we finished trimming out the 800 sq. foot house today.   She has replanted and landscaped her ample yard and the house has a new roof and new siding and windows:  it looks spiffy.  The work we have done is important to Lauree, but its all the new friends thyat have lifted her spirits.  Most of her old familiar neighbors have moved away, but with the volunteers around every day other neighbors have been stopping by to inquire and getting to know Lauree and she really is getting her life back.  She has been a blessing to all of us.

Peace,  John