Known To Us In The Breaking of Bread

(Above- work campers eating in fellowship hall at Donelson Christian Church)  People often say that our congregation likes to eat together: weekly communion, monthly potlucks, ice cream socials, soup suppers, breakfasts and brunches.  We come by it naturally because our worship services are centered around the Lord's Supper.  One man has been very helpful to all of the work camps at Donelson Christian Church.  He knows everything there is to know about the building and freely shares his knowledge.  He's there at every meal, helps prepare the food.  Actually, he lives at the church building and sleeps in the church office (and no, he isn't the Pastor).  He was a homeless man before he became (by default) the full time janitor, security guard, maintenance man, and greeter at Donelson Christian Church.  He's a full time volunteer.

Today, some of our group cleaned up an elderly woman's home- lived in by her son.  Some painted a recently-drywalled home and replaced door and window trim.  I worked with a small group on an 800-square-foot home which was in about 3.5 feet of flood water a year ago.  We replaced countertops in the tiny kitchen, mudded and pianted walls, re-secured warped wooden siding and, of course ate lunch together.  Jesus said that when we do something for another person we do it for him.  I know that our Lord sat down with us when we took out our smashed sandwiches, baby carrots, and potato chips.  The food wasn't the best but the company was great as Martha Ann, Shirley, Rich, Dwight and I broke bread.