Sweat'in for Jesus

One of the great things about Work Camps is meeting great people from all over; the gals in blue are from First Christian Church of Bloomfield, Indiana.   At breakfast this morning one of the Indiana girls prayed that what we did today would bring us and some of those we helped closer to our Lord.

Caitlin, Morgan, Allie, Melody, and Nancy formed a work group today.  While some painted trim in the house, Nancy moved two lots in ninety-five degree heat. They all took good care of each other (Melody is a nurse after all).  The owner of the house where they worked is a faith-filled and generous hoarder who grew up in extreme poverty.  When our crew finished their work and the owner saw it she cried out, "Lord have mercy! -that's wonderful!", and it was a kind of thankful prayer.  After a good cold shower our crew members were all off to the Dollar General Store together.  Relationships, after all, is what work camps are all about.