Monday- Working with SE Nashville Recovery

It was 95 degrees and 95% humidity today, so it almost seems incredible that the main chore was "staying hydrated."  We had plenty of cold water.  Our group split into three teams; one team painted waterproofing on the wall of an air-conditioned home that a family was living in, one group pianted drywall that had been hung and finished by previous work camps in another occupied home, and the group I was with re-landscaped a back yard so the water from the roof of a flood-damaged home doesn't end up in the basement (otherwise known as ditch-digging).  In the picture you see Rich, Jeremy, and Dwight (our long term volunteer who we met in CR in 2009) but Shirley, Kevin, Dwight's grandson, Arizona, and I created plenty of sweat and drank lots of water, too.

The work is important, of course, but as always in the church the most important work is building relationships....relationships between work campers, within the devasted community, and with our Lord.  The Disciples Volunteers work with local and regional flood recovery groups (Presbyterian, United Methodist, general non-profits like SE Nashville Recovery, Mennonite, UCC, etc.).  The regional recovery groups screen and prioritize the projects and Disciples Volunteers do the work...building relationships with other denominational groups.   As we waited for our work assignments, Dwight's grandson from Indiana got acquainted with Kevin and Jeremy. Shirley and Rich catch up on their lives in the background.  Relationships are it.