Jamm Session

I bought this old photo on Ebay because it shows a group of people who obviously enjoy making music together, just as we Disciple musicians do both in worship, in practice, and at our occasional jamms.  I thought we might use the photo to publicize our music jamm sessions in July and August. I have restored old instruments like the guitar and mandolins shown, so my guess is that the photo was taken about 1900.  I enjoy taking an instrument that was layed aside 75  or 80 years ago and fixing it up so it's voice is heard again.  Holding the instrument in my hands as the previous owner(s) did, I contemplate what the person who last played it may have enjoyed, how he/she worshiped, and what sort of lifestyle that person lived.  Back in those days or a few years later, our congregation had a band who played in worship occasionally, but with more brass and woodwind and fewer strings.  As I recall, they practiced at someone's house on South Dodge Street midweek.  This week our work camp is headed to "Music City" : Nashville, Tennesee and I'll take my carbon fiber travel guitar along.  We'll go to see Vince Gil at the old Ryman theatre.  Each night we'll sing some songs and say prayers together.  Most of the time, we'll be doing hot, dirty rebuilding of flood-damaged homes to bring hope to the people who have struggled so long just to get back into their homes.  I some sense all of this is worship, because it gives glory and thanks and praise to the One who made us all.  Just as comparing our music and instruments over time helps us appreciate music more, so also seeing God in the midst of another culture gives us keener perceptions of God and ourselves, so the cross-cultural aspect of work camps is important.  The current theme song for the city of Nashville was written by a member of a Disciple church there - somehow it all ties together.  "Re- Ligion" means "to bind together again."