Preview of Oakville

Oakville is located southeast of a bend in the Iowa River, protected by a levee that runs between a row of bluffs and the Mississippi River.  In the Spring of 2008 the levee gave way and the entire town  had up to 4 feet of water in it.  About half of the population has moved out and will not return.  A few houses remain which will be demolished this Spring, most have already been rehabbed and there are 18 homes which will be donated to a local nonprofit redevelopment corporation.  Of these, two will soon be completed and will be sold for the cost of rehabilitation to families who wish to move to Oakville.  The main business in town is Tri-Oaks- a family-owned food, feed, and grain processing corp. which employes 147 persons.  The next largest enterprise is a construction company which has 7 employees.  There are three churches, and the woman who has been cooking free meals for volunteers each noon hopes to open a restaurant.  The house with the red tin roof is a recently refurbished home and the ranch style house is one of the 18 which will be rehabilitated.