We rode ATVs (4-wheel All Terrain Vehicles) up a steep road to a gorgeous waterfall (you can see us at the base of the waterfall), and then to the top of a hill in the rain forest.  The scenery was incredibly gorgeous and the water coming off the mountain was cool and cIear. Just six feet off to our right or left there were occasionally drop-offs of several hundred feet, so we were told to drive slowly.  I was reluctant to go because I have had too many funerals and visited in too many hospital rooms related to motorcycle/ATV accidents, but the kids were going and we needed an adult along.  Before we left, I pointed out that some of the group (not our kids, but some from North Carolina and Missouri) had ignored our own group's requirement for shoes and long pants.  We were all advised to stay single file, not to pass, and to keep a large distance between vehicles.  I brought up the rear to keep make sure no one fell behind and got lost or isolated.  It was great fun until some of our group ran through a swarm of bees with the windshields on their helmets out of position.  One young man was stung in several places and got a bee in his bonnet (helmet) while several others were also stung.  Because they were following too closely they also ended up bumping into each other and one had his bare foot run over by a tire -sending him to the local emergency room and then on to San Jose' for surgery, and back to N.C. for more surgery (if he'd had a shoe on he'd have only gotten a bruise).  The injured man was an adult whose choices were beyond my influence.  Only the night before, I'd been saying to his group leader  that I didn't believe God  chooses particular people to have accidents or get cancer but rather God chose to allow us freedom to live, love and choose for ourselves.   Things happen that are beyond our control, but God blesses us with resources of faith, mind, relationship, body, etc. and works with us for our good.  Often we make poor decisions and pay the price for them.  We thank God that after the crocodiles, zip lining above treetops, Tarzan swinging over a ravine, driving steep mountain roads, seeing a poisonous snake, encountering drug pushers, and riding horses on steep muddy paths none of our group came home with anytrhing worse than a little sunburn.

Peace, John