Art, Beauty, Music - God

There are over 100 quality used guitars at Elderly Instruments in Lansing Michigan at any one time and I didn't buy even one, but it was fun and instructive to compare all the various makers, styles, and sounds.  Some of the guitars sing and vibrate like humming bees when scarcely touched, while other sit there and dare you to try to coax them to give up a note.  Some are just plain beautiful in materials and workmanship.  Occasionally all this comes together in one instrument, such a a Larrivee Rosewood 12-fret 000 I played (a bargain at $2300).
Ellen, curator of the stringed instrument collection at the museum in Blommington, IN., showed me a wide variety of instruments with not much quality in construction or tone, but she pointed out that they were usually played as part of an ensemble and that their purpose was mainly social as opposed to aesthetic.  These are the basic tools of creating community. Ellen was born in Iowa City when her father was a graduate student.
The Cincinnati Art museum has some ornate 19th century guitars where the instruments are more a work of art than the music they were able to create.  A simple cheapo modern guitar could outshine them in tone and volume, but a thousand inlays on a guitar make the guitar an object of art even before the strings are plucked. Still the most beautiful thing bout the museum was its setting high on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River.  Everything we are and do has its basis in God- every work of art and every song-  but for artistry and drama we just can't beat a God original.