40th Reunion

"Who are all these old people?" we asked each other when we arrived at the class of 1969 reunion in Marshalltown.  The Iowa State BBQ tournament was taking place right next to the red and white tent that housed the first evening's mixer for the MHS High School class reunion.  Our class mates came from as far away as Hawaii, yet some who live less than a mile away didn't come.  Nancy and I went to our senior prom together (our second date) and we've been kind of a "thing" ever since.  Many of my old girlfriends looked great, but my wife looked fantastic.  Several old freinds recalled how surprised they were when I went to seminary because they didn't see me as particularly sanctified or religious- and I like to think I am still neither sanctimonious nor religious so much as I am open to being on a spiritual pilgrimage.  Some of our class mates came to a reunion for the first time in 40 years and others we have had regular contact with in the past year.  We all agreed that time (life) passes quickly and relationships are what life is all about.  Amy and Adams (who have sung with us and for us in worship) and a rock band composed of old guys like me from our class both played some songs and the floor was filled with bald heads and gray/white headed people dancing to "Wild Thing" and "Hey Jude", etc. as if to defy the effects of time and gravity on our bodies.  We stayed at the Country Club until 3:00 a.m. talking about old times, rheumatism, children and grandchildren.

When we got home to my sister and brother-in-law's house they had left the light on and the door open for us.  Unfortunately someone else had taken advantage of their hospitality and walked into the house while they were sleeping and when we could have come home at any moment.  They took my computer , Nancy's purse, and about $1500 of our stuff (including my passport and Nancy's driver's license).  I haven't been blogging until today because of the loss of the computer and all of our digital photos that were on it's hard drive.  It took us more than two days just to do the police reports, reapply for the passport, notify the credit card company, talk with insurance personnel, look up serial numbers, get a new driver's license, document the values of lost items, get receipts together, etc.  The really spooky part was the realization that we could have stumbled into the thief (thieves) and been forced to decide what to do in that moment.  Were they armed? Were they 12 years old or 50?  Were they wearing ski masks and black clothing or Hawaiian sport shirts and flip-flops?  Staying up until 3:00 a.m. with old friends and be ripped off for $1500 - a night to remember! (Oh, we did make it to worship at 10:00 that same morning).

Love, John