breathless engagement






On Tuesday we walked about 3 miles for a picnic on the Isle of Iona to the communal ground where a golf course and beech are located.  The golf course is mowed by sheep, who also oblige by leaving behind small "hazzards" in every square yard of the course. At the beech we found a comfortable seat where the turf gave way to the sand, leaving a chair-height drop with a soft grass seat.  Almost immediately we were approached by a young couple who had just become engaged only moments before; would I take their photo?  They were both ecstatic (he had dropped to one knee in the traditional manner and she had responded affirmatively with a big kiss).  We were the first to congratulate them, unless that bleating from the sheep was something more than Ewes calling "fore" to their lambs to get them out of the way of men with clubs. It was heartwarming to share that intimate moment with a young couple after 35 years of our marriage. God created us for relationships and blesses us through them.