Scots-Irish export

The most important export for Scotland and Ireland isn't Scotch Whiskey, Irish linen but its people who are liberally spread across North America- often the results of famine and civil unrest.  It must have been a great heartache to see so many clans broken apart by immigration.  I suppose there are no more McKinstrys in Belfast or Glasgow than in many American cities now.  I counted 17 McKinstray, McKinstrey, McKinstrys in the Glasgow phone book- one of them being a John McKinstry (fewer than in the St. Louis phone book). That's one reason that on St. Patty's Day everyone is Irish - Italian restaurants serve corned beef and cabbage and everyone wears green.  There's a joke going around over here about Barak O'Bama (O'Reilly) being Irish - the connections to U.S. Grant, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and John Kennedy were too obvious to miss.  It's been heartwarming to hear people say "McKinstry- that's a good Scots (or Irish) name--I knew a McKinstry family in------."  Of course I'm thoroughly American and proud to be an American Heinz 57 varieties - DNA studies say a large proportion of us have recent African and Native American genetic material.  More than that, we are all created in God's image and have genetic material that has developed over millions of years by a Creator who is still active among us.