Gerald- passion for music and faith






We met Gerald outside a Piano store across from our hotel in Belfast.  His parents were Roman Catholic and he's an active Protestant; like most people in Belfast he doesn't see the "troubles" (sectarian violence of a few years ago) as based in religion but in politics.  In the midst of the troubles he missed being admitted to a PhD program at Oxford by a hair more than once- prejudices in Britain were running high in those days and he paid a price for that, he thinks.  His passion is playing classical music on the piano, and he has a masters in music from Queens or Trinity University, and has taught many students- he plays clarinet and trumpet as one would expect a music education Masters degree person to do.  He is a gentle soul and still dreams of going to Oxford to study music.  He asked us to pray for him.  Gerald,   I said, teachers touch many lives and enable the lifelong enjoyment of music and its expression for many people, so if you never have a PhD from Oxford you will still have contributed much to humankind and lived out the values of your faith.  We hope you find peace and satisfaction in that.  We will pray for you.