University/Seminary of Edinburgh

 Walter Scott was an early leader of our unity movement along with A. Campbell and B. Stone. He was born and raised here in Edinburgh and graduated from the University here.  Of the three aformentioned he was the best prepared scholastically to play a leadership role. Using our intellect, education, and scholarship was part of our M.O. from the beginning.  He reached New York in 1818, in the twenty-second year of his age. He came to Pittsburg in 1819 and there he met Alexander Campbell.  I met a local Presbyterian Pastor, Andrew Anderson, at Rotary this noon and we walked together through the old college district where the seminary (which Andrew graduated from) is located to this day.  At any place in the city you're likely to turn and get some incredibly gorgeous view of the sea or the river, the rocky crags and city skyline.  The church on the left is associated with the seminary and could have been where Walter Scott worshiped while in school. I explained to Andrew the origins of our movement and that many of our early leaders were Presbyterian and some were educated in Glasgow or Edinburgh, including Walter Scott here.  He said that the American church gives his congregation hope - with attendance so low in local churches.  125 would be a very good crowd in his congregation's worship.  He also said that there were so many divisions in the Presbyterian Church in those years of our founding and since that he can't keep track of them all, but he's proud to be part of the Mother Church for the PCUSA.  I said that he could consider his to be one of our mother churches, too, even if unintentionally. He sends you God's blessings for your ministry and I sent yours with him to his congregation.  Peace,