Two Countries divided by a common language

We may be divided by ba common language (English) but we're united by a common language (music). I went by some pubs this afternoon to see who had live music- I'd heard that many pubs had live folk singers.  I found two and returned later for food and music.  Luke sang mostly American songs- Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, etc..  I once owned the same model of guitar he was playing. Then he said, This is supposed to be a Scottish folksong and began to sing, "Will You Go, Lassie Go? and we'll all go together up through the mountains through all the blooming heather."  Immediately I recognized the tune.  the hymn asks will you go, then "shall we go" and finally affirms "we will go and we'll all share the vision who in Christ we all shall be- come rejoice in the vision of a new humanity."  The hymn we sing is named "Rejoice in the Mission" which our group at First Christian recorded not long ago.  After his first set, I had a conversation with Luke about the spirituality of music he sings.  He's not active in a church, but if one had music like ours, he said, he would check it out.  The Iona hymnary (Hymnal) had lots of old Scottish folk tunes with hymns for the words. Our group took "Stand by Me" the old hymn and added Ben E. King's words and music to sing "Stand by me, my Lord, my Lord."  I hope our music can reach some people by tying the deep joy of music(in people's minds and experience) with the God who inspires it all.

At the second pub, "Tass" a couple of singers/guitarists sang all American songs of the country/western/folk genres.  They sang "Paradise" about Kentucky coalmining and "I'm a honky-tonk man."  I knew every song.  I had been told that Brits like American music, but I had no idea about the extent that our music has reached into British culture. I hope that our worship music can penetrate our own culture and speak grace to those around us who hunger for God as we do.  Love, John