Wednesday on Iona

I took a walk yesterday out to the North Bay on the island- about 3-1/2 miles each way.  I crossed the golf course on the way- in is mowed nice and low throughout by sheep, so sheep pies are a hazard. Along the way I saw and elderly couple and took a start when I realized the husband was the one on the right (in a skirt/kilt).  Kilts are more common at more formal occasions such as worship than out on the pathways.  At the North Bay I rested for a half hour and played my travel guitar- shown where I sat to play overlooking the bay.  At 6:00 there was dinner and at 7:30 a "talent show" for which I played "Living in the Country" i a fingerpicked tune by Pete Seeger- there were skits and jokes and solo vocalists.  By the time our 9:00 regular worship and 10:00 Taize services were completed it was well after 11:00 p.m., but although the sun had set it was still glowing strongly on the western horizon.  The sky was clear and the moon was bright at 11:30 on the East, so I took a photo of the moonlight on the water of the ferry landing spot.  See the pictures below.