Blue Zones® Personal Pledges for FCC

FCC Blue Zones Pledge Applications Surpass Goal - FCC to be named a Blue Zones Faith-Based Organization

Congratulations to everyone who completed a Blue Zones pledge application. We needed a minimum of 100 applications to meet our goal and so far have received 104. If you have not yet completed your pledge form, please do so and join your FCC friends in making small steps toward a longer, happier, healthier life! Blue Zones Iowa City Project has notified FCC that, in reaching our pledge goal and achieving other wellness goals the church had set, we have met the criteria to be designated a Blue Zones Faith-Based Organization. It is very exciting for our church to be recognized as a place that offers spiritual and social support for wellness and that provides an environment and programs that encourage healthy behavior practices. Later this summer we will formally celebrate FCC’s designation as a Blue Zone Faith-Based Organization. The local Blue Zones Committee is planning to interview some of us for a video about becoming a Blue Zones congregation. In the meantime, let’s individually and as a community continue with our wellness practices in mind, body, emotions, and spirit!

Taking the personal pledge is a way to become more aware of your current healthy lifestyle behaviors and to learn ways to increase not only the number of years you are expected to live, but also the quality of life through those years. The pledge forms are available before and after service and will be available each week during the new summer Happy Blue Faith Sunday classes which began on Sunday, June 7.

A class for adults, Happy Blue Faith meets on Sunday mornings in the east end of Fellowship Hall from 9:00 -9:45 a.m. and is taught by Colee’ Hospers and John McKinstry. With our erratic summer schedules, everyone is invited to come when they can. The class has outgrown the lounge and so we’ll continue to meet at the east end of fellowship hall. Each session (starting and ending on time) will involve some aspect of the Blue Zones Project – sometimes sampling a healthy recipe or members of the class using a blue zones recipe to bring food to a monthly pot luck. Each session will incorporate Scripture and a spiritual practice that will be a class activity for that class session and during the week. Please join us this week! Everyone is welcome! The class will possibly continue through Christmas.

Community walking groups are an amazing way to get more exercise and build unique friendships. Join a First Christian Moai (pronounced "Mo Eye") Walking Group which begins Thursday morning September 3rd at 7:30 a.m. at the carousel in Coral Ridge Mall, and keep on walking!

For more on the Blue Zones, see the Blue Zones Project.