Old and New

All in one day Nancy and I said good-bye to Granddaughter Izzy (and her parental units) and then spent an hour with Great grandma as we are still trying to say good-bye to my father. It is hard to be fully open about greeting a new arrival when we know that there will be a parting that will hurt more because of the openness of our greeting. Loving begets sorrow as well as joy. I want to reserve a part of my heart that can’t be broken when the time for good-byes comes, but of course that doesn’t happen. A new year is arriving but I don’t want to give up on the old one yet.

The Spirit of Christmas

Dear Friends, I am so proud of how well Kara, our children and their leaders did in the Christmas Program on Sunday! The speaking parts were read out loud for everyone to hear; words appeared on the screen too. The singing voices, drums, saxophones, and recorders were a delight. None of the shepherd’s hooks were used as a weapon, and the halos of the angels were perfect when slightly askew. Many of the parents and grandparents got the young actors and musicians to practice again and again.


Dear Friends,

In the first picture below the year is 1981 and it is our daughter Libby’s second birthday. Libby is placing a doll (handmade by her mother) in the doll bed that had been her grandmother’s, and then her mother’s.

 Libby and Cranberry the dollEvelyn and CranberryOld creche

Time with God

With the beginning of daylight savings time I have changed the time on all the clocks I could find, but the most important clock I have - my body - is not easily re-programmed. Instead of waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off, I now wake an hour and a few minutes before the alarm goes off. Nancy’s electronic alarm clock goes off 30 minutes later, and then mine 30 minutes after that. By the time my internal clock is fully reprogrammed, the electronic alarm clock will be reset and it will wake me up before my internal alarm goes off. Time is relative.


Bible narratives intersect our lives in many ways; they are supposed to. Making connections/relationships between people and between us and God is what they are about. Now that I have a grandson named Eli, I am paying more attention to the story of Eli, the ancient Hebrew priest in the Old Testament book of Samuel. Yesterday my cataract surgery went very smoothly.  I was only in the operating suite for about 15 minutes. Last night after I took my medications, taped a plastic eye guard over one eye, and then strapped on my CPAP gear I was feeling very thankful and yet also old and fragile.

Sept. 21, 2014

Dear Friends, As we left for the class of 1969 high school reunion (Nancy with pals , above), I paused briefly in our back yard to toss a handful of the last raspberries of the season (above) into my mouth amidst the brown leaves and moldering walnuts littering the ground. It was a sweet and fleeting experience, much like the reunion. I have never felt so old in my life as I did looking out at the wrinkled faces of ‘69’ers while the list of the recently deceased was read aloud by a sobbing classmate.

Peter's Creek Christian Church

This is a first in a series of articles which will appear semi-occasionally (hopefully at least monthly) in our newsletter, highlighting interesting anecdotes or persons in the history of our church.

No. 1

            Have you ever heard of Peter’s Creek Christian Church of Washington County, Pennsylvania?  Neither had I until I started doing research on the history of our church.  And yet, the history of this little church is closely intertwined with the origins of our congregation.