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Frederick Douglas, the great orator and emancipated slave from the U.S. visited Ireland and gave imepetus to their struggle for freedom and for racial equality- this mural is one of many murals around Belfast painted for political and social commentary.

University/Seminary of Edinburgh

 Walter Scott was an early leader of our unity movement along with A. Campbell and B. Stone. He was born and raised here in Edinburgh and graduated from the University here.  Of the three aformentioned he was the best prepared scholastically to play a leadership role. Using our intellect, education, and scholarship was part of our M.O. from the beginning.  He reached New York in 1818, in the twenty-second year of his age.

Small (or no) Joke

This is a statue of Lord Wellington.

The first thing I did was check out the boots.

(The First Duke of Wellington led the allied forces in defeating Napoleon at Waterloo- everybody has to face his or her Waterloo- and the Duke was famous for his "wellies"- his Hessian-style waterproof boots.  To this day we call rubber/PVC boots "wellies.")

Wednesday on Iona

I took a walk yesterday out to the North Bay on the island- about 3-1/2 miles each way.  I crossed the golf course on the way- in is mowed nice and low throughout by sheep, so sheep pies are a hazard.