Affordable Housing Bible Study

Three local retired clergy, Mark Pries, Bruce Fischer, John McKinstry, who all share a connection to First Christian and Habitat’s Community Outreach Director, Gabriel Martin, have joined forces to create a Christian Bible Study course relating to Affordable Housing in Johnson County, Iowa. These Bible study resources will be available on our website and you can view a summary of the course below. 

The materials are available here for groups who might like to explore this topic. Join friends and neighbors for fellowship and Bible study which relate faith to local housing barriers/opportunities using a variety of digital resources and local writers.

The written materials and references for seven sessions is available to anyone who wants to use them through our website.

Content of the Seven Sessions:

    • Session I -  Affordable Housing as a Basic Human Right (Content for Session I)
      Verses of Focus: Matthew 25:34-40, Acts 2:42-47
    • Session II - Good News for The Poor (Content for Session II)
      Verses of Focus: Luke 4: 17-30
    • Session III - Home Ownership and Habitat for Humanity theology - Interfaith Build (Content for Session III)
      State of Iowa Household Data
    • Session IV -  Jesus goes to Zacchaeus’ Home: Why Facts Don’t Convince People (Content for Session IV)
      Verses of Focus: Luke 19:1-10,
    • Session V - Parable of the Great Banquet: Housing for Persons with Disabilities (Content for Session V)
      Verses of Focus: Luke 14:12-14
    • Session VI - Our True Home is God - Christian Hospitality (Content for Session VI)
      Verses of Focus: Luke 10:38-42, Genesis 18:1-15 
    • Session VII - Housing First/Homelessness: Flipping the Judgement/Grace (housing ready) Paradigm to Grace/Responsibility (Content for Session VII)
      Verses of Focus: Ephesians 2:8-10, 1 Kings 19:11-13 

Notes and acknowledgements.